St. Lawrence County doles $30,000 for Waddington fishing tournaments
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 5:28 pm


CANTON -- St. Lawrence County will contribute $30,000 in a funding for bass tournaments in Waddington.

Legislators approved the funding Monday. According to the resolution, the Village of Waddington needs the funding in order to host the Bassmasters North Eastern Division series this year and the Bassmasters Elite series in 2015.

The resolution says the multiplier effect from the event “will provide a boost to the local economy.”

In 2013 Clarkson University MBA students released data on fishing tournament’s impact on St. Lawrence County economy.

The students reported that visitors during the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series tournament in Waddington, likely spent $1.03 million to $3.38 million -- 96 percent of that from U.S. visitors and 4 percent from Canadian guests.

According to organizers, a record-setting 34,100 people attended the event.

The study estimated that of the $1.03 million to $3.38 million in expenditures by visitors to the tournament about 25.04 percent was spent on non-fishing-related shopping, 24.31 percent on accommodations, 23.02 percent on food and beverages, 17.01 percent on fishing gear, and 11 percent on gas station expenses.

The success of the event prompted a strong relationship between Bassmasters organizers and the community of Waddington. The organization has since agreed to host two more tournaments in Waddingotn.

The resolution passed by legislators credited committee volunteers for their fundraising efforts, but acknowledged that additional funding was needed.

In June, North Country Sen. Patricia Ritchie said the state would also commit $30,000 for the event.