St. Lawrence County District Attorney candidate calls on Duvé to release murder victim's effects
Monday, October 21, 2013 - 9:34 am

Republican candidate for St. Lawrence County District Attorney Mary Rain is calling on her opponent to release the personal effects of murder victim Bernard Trickey Jr. to his family.

Rain says District Attorney Nicole Duve, a Democrat, has refused to release nearly all of Trickey's possessions that were seized for investigation to his father Bernard Trickey Sr.

“My opponent shows how little regard she has for crime victims and their families by her callous refusal to even return phone calls. She has failed as a prosecutor and failed as a crime victim’s advocate if she can’t do the decent thing and take care of the victims.”

Rain is also accusing her opponent of insulting crime victims who choose to speak publicly about the Nov. 5 election.

“It is an outrage that my opponent publicly criticizes crime victims for the courage to speak out” said Rain. “To suggest that crime victims don’t have the right to tell their story about their poor experience with her office is an outrage!” “I can understand her desire to silence their voices- she let them down, just like she has let down our criminal justice system.”

Rain said if she is elected she will work closer with victims and their families.

“I pledge to each and every person in St. Lawrence County that when I am your district attorney, I will always return a victim or a victim’s family’s phone call. This isn’t about elections - this is basic human dignity.” Rain concluded.