St. Lawrence County Clerk's Office makes money despite small staff
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 11:06 am

CANTON -- An increase in revenue at the St. Lawrence County Clerk’s Office has been reported for 2013, despite a reduction in staff.

The office operates with two less staff members than in 2010, but the department has reported a net profit increase of over $800,000.

Although the clerk’s office has reduced staff size, a new position was added at the Canton Department of Motor Vehicles office, with a revenue increase of $150,000 expected to result after six months of training, according to County Clerk Mary Lou Rupp.

Rupp had originally projected $1,718,438 in revenue prior to the added expense of the new position, but the clerk’s office has exceeded that expectation despite a decrease in license renewal retention fees, she said.

The net revenue for 2014 is projected to be almost $2 million, Rupp said.