St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce invites governor to Bassmasters tournament in Waddington
Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 6:32 am

WADDINGTON -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been invited to attend the Bassmasters Elite Series St. Lawrence River Showdown, to be held Aug. 8 to Aug. 11.

Executive Director Pat McKeown of the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce extended the invitation to Cuomo.

“Your State of the State message spoke of invigorating the regional economy, of strengthening and revitalizing upstate, of expanding opportunities for all of New York,” McKeown wrote.

“We here in St. Lawrence County will welcome your visit during the Bassmasters Elite to see just what we have to offer,” McKeown said.

The fishing competition will be hosted by the village of Waddington and is expected to bring top bass anglers from across the country to fish in the St. Lawrence River.

Along with the competitors, the event will draw families, sponsors, national TV crews and bass fishing fans to the area. As a result, the competition is expected to give the St. Lawrence County economy a $1 million to $2 million boost.

According to the Governor’s office, the invitation will be considered but no commitment will be made until at least mid-July.