St. Lawrence County Board of Elections prepares for appointment of inspectors; seeks candidates
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - 2:24 pm

The St. Lawrence County Board of Elections is preparing for the annual appointment of election inspectors by asking interested people to let officials know they can serve.

Election inspectors are appointed by the two major political parties for a one year term. The board is accepting requests for appointment, which will be sent to local political party chairs for consideration.

All appointments are subject to attendance at annual election inspector training and satisfactory passing of an exam. Those interested shall be aware general election day and primary election day are extremely long days. Inspectors are paid $35 for attending training, $120 for Primary Day and $200 for General Election Day.

Those who are registered Democrats or Republicans and are interested in serving as an election inspector may contact the St. Lawrence County Board of Elections at 379-2202.