Potsdam's 100.1 WPDM-fm now on the air broadcasting 24-hour national, local sports coverage
Monday, August 25, 2014 - 11:41 am


POTSDAM -- St. Lawrence County’s sports fans can now tune into 100.1 WPDM-FM for 24-hour coverage of local and national sports broadcasts.

General Manager John Winter at WPDM, which operates WPDM-AM 1470 and B99.3-FM said its newest station can be found at 100.1-FM and will provide 24 sports coverage as a CBS sports affiliate.

Winter said B99.3 and 1470 AM will remain unchanged.

“They will maintain their current formats,” he said.

Winter said WPDM-AM is on air from sunrise to sunset only because of the particular license it operates under form the Federal Communications Commission. He said the FM license will allow for nighttime broadcasts of local sports and national sports.

“(1470) is what the industry calls a daytime station. The FM enables us to continue programing 24 hours,” he said. “If we are covering a basketball game in the winter time we are going to able to broadcast that,” he said.

Winter said the station has been up and running for about a month, but he is still fine-tuning coverage.

“We hope that our listeners will find it as a great additional service to have,” he said.