Spay/Neuter/Now sterilizes 39 cats at Ogdensburg clinic
Friday, March 29, 2013 - 11:41 am

Some of the Spay/Neuter/Now Team are, from left, volunteer Peggy Blackmer, veterinarian Dr. Michael Romp, technician Karen Sandoval, SNN General Manager Kevin Mace, and volunteer Christine Mace.

OGDENSBURG -- North Country nonprofit organization Spay/Neuter/Now, Ltd. performed 39 feline sterilizations at the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA in Ogdensburg recently.

SNN set a record of 45 cat procedures in a Watertown clinic the following day.

The organization is expanding its low-cost spaying and neutering services for dogs and cats in its mobile clinic program for qualifying low-income clients and those caring for barn, stray and feral colonies of cats.

While sterilizing that many cats “will certainly fill your day, it is a small drop in the bucket for what is out there contributing to the companion animal overpopulation,” said veterinary technician and SNN General Manager Kevin T. Mace.

“Spay/Neuter/Now was able to continue to provide mobile clinic services and sterilize almost 200 cats thanks to the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA and Jefferson County SPCA hosting us this winter. We all need to work together like this to make a significant difference in pet overpopulation.” The Spay/Neuter/Now mobile clinic program covers primarily St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Lewis counties with April clinics in Watertown, Hammond, Potsdam and Ogdensburg.

Spay/Neuter/Now has performed or aided in over 13,500 sterilizations since 1994.

For program information and applications, call 486-0094, 629-8651 or visit