Some Norwood Green Concert Series donations haven’t arrived, might be lost
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 6:25 am

NORWOOD – Some donation checks sent to support the largest summer concert series in St. Lawrence County have not reached the intended recipient.

Joe Liotta is not necessarily asking people who might have already sent a contribution to the Norwood Village Green Concert Series to send more money, but to send checks to replace ones that weren’t delivered to him.

Liotta said he went down to Florida for the winter, as he usually does, and, as usual, asked the United State Postal Service to forward his mail down there. But somewhere along the line, the system broke down.

“On or about March 15, my forwarded mail stopped,” he said in a letter to supporters.

He said he and the USPS have been trying to sort out the mix-up, but without success so far.

“It has been frustrating,” Liotta said.

“All of the above amounts to an estimated $6,000-$7,000 in ‘lost’ donations,” he said.

What he would like people to do is, if they mailed a check to the Norwood Village Green Concert Series between March 8 and April 3, to “please write us another check. If I eventually receive your original check I will return it to you.”

Of course if you haven’t sent a check and think you might like to, he will be happy to accept yours at the Norwood address. “We’ll love you even more,” he said.

Liotta is back from Florida and ready to receive donations at Norwood Village Green Concert Series, 3 Bicknell St., Norwood, N.Y., 13668.

The annual outdoor series will begin its 40th season Thursday, May 30 with the annual St. Lawrence County Music Educators Association Pop Choral/Stage Band Festival, followed by 14 more concert dates through early August.

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