'Slices of Main Street' quilt on display at TAUNY Center in Canton
Friday, July 11, 2014 - 11:42 am

CANTON -- Following its debut at the Grasse River Heritage solstice celebration, the “Slices of Main Street, Canton” quilt is on display at The TAUNY Center.

“Slices of Main Street, Canton” was created by a group of North Country quilters who call themselves the Fiberistas. “The group was founded to be a forum for quilters who wanted to push the craft beyond traditional limits, design art quilts, and exchange information on new techniques and materials,” explains Susan Ward, a member of the group.

The “slice quilt” idea was adapted from similar art quilt groups that wanted to produce a group project worked on by many of their members. To create the “slices,” the group agrees on a scene to reproduce in fabric. They then cut a photograph of that scene into pieces, and each quilter makes a piece of the whole. For display, the individual pieces are not sewn together, but are hung together to form the full picture.

The Fiberistas decided they wanted a local theme for their first slice quilt, and settled on the block of Main Street from the corner of Court Street up to North Country Savings Bank.

“This is a terrific community project,” says TAUNY Executive Director Jill Breit. “The skills shown in the execution of the work are very impressive--the spirit that inspired the work is even more impressive.”

TAUNY’s “Slices of Main Street, Canton” display is underwritten by North Country Savings Bank.

The TAUNY Center and North Country Folkstore are located at 53 Main St.

Info: visit www.TAUNY.org.