Seaway Valley Prevention Council to focus on parents talking to kids about gambling
Friday, February 28, 2014 - 11:40 am

The Seaway Valley Prevention Council is hoping to increase the number of parents who are committed to talking to their children about the dangers associated with underage gambling.

This is the third year the Seaway Valley Prevention Council has been involved with this project, and has received funding from the New York Council on Problem Gambling for 2014.

This is also the third year that the NY Council on Problem Gambling has given out mini-grants to local providers to reach parents. This year, the focus of the project is getting parents to talk to their children about problem gambling. The 2014 project includes the launch of a new video entitled, “Go Away Monster,” which portrays the effects of problem gambling on families. The video and accompanying toolkit can both be found for free at

Local providers participating in the 2014 Parent Outreach Project will conduct face-to-face educational sessions at parent groups and meetings, and will conduct media and outreach campaigns.

If you are involved with a parent group and are interested in learning more about talking to children about problem gambling, contact Patti Hogle at 713-4861 or email [email protected].

The mission of the Seaway Valley Prevention Council is to improve the future of the community through quality prevention services.

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