Scoopuccino’s building moving piece-by-piece to make way for Potsdam Hampton Inn
Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 8:23 am


POTSDAM -- Scoopuccino’s Bakery and Café, now at 167 Market St., will be moving – roof and walls, kitchen and counter, knives, forks and espresso cups -- up the road to make room for a new hotel.

“The plan is to dismantle it into several large panels and move it to a lot on the north side of Lowe’s,” about half a mile up Rt. 56, said Potsdam developer Jim Sheehan, who built the restaurant in 2005. Michele Sheehan, Jim Sheehan’s wife, runs Scoopuccino’s and ran an earlier ice cream parlor on the site named Scoops.

The project is contingent on finalizing a deal with Andy Patel, hotel developer for Visions Hotels of Corning, who plans to build a multi-story, 95 room Hampton Inn on the site, with construction costs estimated at $6 to $7 million.

The Village Florist building, also on the site, has been demolished and the business has moved to 75 Market St.

Tom Delosh, owner of Ton’s Sports Bar, also at the 3½ acre lot, said he is making move plans of his own, but no deal has been made yet.

The hotel deal “seems to be moving forward, and I’m assuming everything will work out,” said Sheehan, who owns the proposed hotel lot and the lot next to Lowe’s where Scoopuccino’s would go. The plan has been moving ahead without major setbacks through the process of approvals from Potsdam and county planning authorities.

Sheehan says he believes that, as things stand now, the hotel deal “is supposed to happen sometime around the first of May. My information is that everything’s good to go with the village and construction will move ahead sometime in May.”

Sheehan said he couldn’t give a good estimate the cost of moving Scoopuccino’s, but that “it’s too nice a building to just let it go.”

He said his firm “has moved a lot things, so I think we can do it.”