Sci-fi film being shot in Massena casts several St. Lawrence County actors
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 5:27 pm

MASSENA -- Several St. Lawrence County residents have assembled a cast and crew from across the U.S. and are filming a dystopian sci-fi action film set in the near future called "The Ballad of Billy Badass." The film will be shot in Massena.

The film is set in the year 2020. The American people have risen up and overthrown the government.

"They are victorious, however, the fallout is unprecedented," the film's director Elijah Winfrey of Massena wrote in an email.

He says the country reverts to Great Depression-like times and the entire population migrates to one large metropolis called Quad Cities. Organized crime carves the area in four, each ruled by a mob boss. One of those bosses is the protagonist, Billy Badass, who decides to try and kill the other three dons and rule the city.

The cast includes Tino Faygo of Rensselaer Falls playing The Deacon, Stephanie Tupper of Canton is cast in the role of Mistress E and John Michaud III of Massena will play Father Fontaine.

The film includes actors and crew from around the country, some of whom have played in Hollywood films.

Rex Baker of New Orleans will play the lead role, Billy Badass. His resume includes Olympus Has Fallen, The Butler, Escape Plan and Criminal Activities. Robert DeSanti is cast as Johnny Love. He has starred in the movies Find Love NYC, Hanging Charlie, Cell Phone Diaries, and Pizza.

Other cast and crew for The Ballad of Billy Badass include Art Scovins as Marcel and doing stunts, along with stunt coordinators Brandon Bartle and Randall Knight.

Winfrey is no stranger to filmmaking. Last year, he and his cohorts made and released The Mindbender Chronicles, a Batman fan feature.

For that work, he and several of the actors were honored by the North Coutnry Acting Society. Winfrey was named best leading actor. Tupper and Faygo received awards from the same organization for a film in which they starred called Sledge. Tupper received best leading actress and Faygo best make-up effects.