Russell Opera House wraps up season with 'The Mutants of Dr. X'
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 5:43 pm

RUSSELL - The Russell Opera House concluded their season with an original play by John Berbrich of the See More Players.

“The Mutants of Dr. X” was a play Berbich had been working on since last year’s production.

Pictured from left in back is the cast: Director Brenda Hale, Sound & Lighting Master David Katz, Dr. X and playwright - John Berbrich with his future mutant ‘self," Nicole Rood as Madame Z, Tim Thomson as Spencer, Natalie Pitcher as Delphinium, Stacie Hale as Chloe and Set Designer and Director Tess Eells.

In front: Josie Thomson as Glinka, Patti Hogle as Igor, Nolan Hogle as Mutant One and Anne Csete as Mutant Two.

Next year’s scheduled production will be another original play by cast member Josie Thomson.

The Russell Opera House Committee is proud to spotlight local talent and are committed to bringing entertainment of all genres to the North Country. Anyone interested in joining the cast and crew, should contact Tess Eells of the Russell Opera House Committee at 347-2358.