Ritchie says Aubertine should return ‘tainted campaign contributions’
Saturday, October 23, 2010 - 8:04 am

State Senate candidate Patty Ritchie says Senator Darrel Aubertine should denounce downstate political leaders, and return what she calls “their tainted campaign contributions.”

A state Inspector General’s report said that Senate leaders John Sampson, Malcolm Smith and Eric Adams traded influence for campaign cash – “money that’s being used to pay for Senator Aubertine’s reelection,” Ritchie said.

Already, one Democrat Senate candidate has vowed to return all contributions from the leadership, whom Ritchie says have given over $300,000 into Aubertine’s campaign, which the Republican says is the second-most among all Senate Democrat candidates.

“The I.G.’s report highlights the pervasiveness of corruption in Albany, all the way up to the highest levels of Senate leadership, all individuals whom Senator Aubertine supports, and from whom he has accepted support in return,” said Ritchie.

“This type of activity demands the strongest condemnation by every sitting Senator, candidates of every political stripe, as well as voters and taxpayers. As State Senator, I will never hesitate to stand up, regardless of political party loyalty, to do what’s right, and restore the public’s trust and confidence in their state government.”