State Senate candidate Ritchie, a 4-wheeler and snowmobiler, picks up endorsement of ATV club
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 2:56 pm

State Senate candidate Patty Ritchie has been endorsed by the Oswego County ATV Club -- with over 1,200 members, among the largest in Upstate New York -- to become the new 48th District state senator.

“Patty Ritchie is an outdoors person who understands our issues, appreciates our sport, and will fight for us as our new state senator,” said Oswego County ATV Club President Steve Cronk. “She has taken the time to reach out to us, get to know us, and respond to our questions and concerns. I know she will take care of us and the snowmobilers. That’s the kind of state senator that sportsmen need representing us in Albany.”

Ritchie's campaign office says she is an avid four-wheeler, snowmobiler, hunter and outdoors person who regularly rides with her family.

Her campaign says that, in contrast, her opponent, eight-year incumbent Senator Darrel Aubertine, voted to raise license and other fees on ATV riders, sportsmen and outdoorsmen by $21 million, while Ritchie spoke out in opposition to the fee increases.