Republican Bill Small seeks Taxpayers Party line in race for city judge
Thursday, August 26, 2010 - 12:02 pm

OGDENSBURG -- Judge Bill Small, candidate for election as Ogdensburg City Court Judge, says he has filed petitions with the St. Lawrence County Board of Elections to appear on the “Taxpayers Party” line on the November ballot.

Small says his 11-page petition includes more than the 127 legally required signatures collected from Republican, Democrat and independent voters within the City of Ogdensburg.

"As I go door to door the common theme I hear is that the people of Ogdensburg want a judge who lives and works in our city and someone with real judicial experience,” Small said. “I am the only candidate that resides in Ogdensburg and has real judicial experience.”

Small promises that, “as I have demonstrated before on the bench, I will be a firm yet fair and impartial judge.”

Small is now the special Ogdensburg City Court judge alongside the Hon. George Silver. Voters in the city will vote in a Republican primary on Sept. 14, choosing between small and Mary Rain.