Republican 122nd Assembly candidate seeking Russell’s seat releases ‘True North Plan’
Friday, June 25, 2010 - 5:06 pm

Republican 122nd Assembly District Candidate Ken Blankenbush of Black River has released a “True North Plan,” some specific items he would like to address as assemblyman if he is elected to replace Democrat Addie Russell in November.

The Jefferson County Board of Legislators Chair proposes, among other things, constitutional amendments for spending and property tax caps, requiring a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to incur any new debt even by authorities, a flat income tax, new performance standards for all state entities, funding by state taxpayers of legislative measures for localities, more definite rules for special elections, and a limit of eight years in office for state legislators.

Blankenbush says he joined the state Senate Minority Leader’s initiative for a “people’s” constitutional convention.

He is also calling for lower tax on corporations, devising an economic development master plan for the state, merit pay and promotion for teachers, hiring retirees and other experienced people outside of teaching as teachers, political election of state education regents, along with many more ideas related to gun control, tort reform, and agriculture.

“I have lived in the North Country my whole life and worked very hard to create a future where my grandchildren can enjoy the quality of life and rich heritage that makes this one of the most wonderful regions of the country to raise a family,” said Blankenbush.

“We need to create an environment to enable private sector job growth so jobs of the future like green collar jobs can grow here. We can do that by getting big government off our backs so it works with us and not against us! It’s critical we send a message on November 2nd to the powerbrokers, rejecting a state government ruled by one party from one city. It’s time to reclaim our citizen government and begin the rehabilitation of our state. A good place to start is my pledge of reform solutions assembled in ‘True North.’”

For more information, call 486-7005.