Rep. Owens focusing on small business in bi-partisan House caucus
Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 4:53 pm

Congressman Bill Owens is a now member of the House Small Business Caucus, which comprises House members from both parties.

The caucus is focused on raising awareness of small business-related issues including taxes and regulations, access to capital, and the need for improved technology and infrastructure across the country.

“Small businesses face a unique set of challenges in their efforts to grow and succeed in today’s economy,” said Owens. “I remain committed to ensuring that job creators across New York have the support they need to do exactly that.”

Owens served on the House Small Business Committee in previous years, before being appointed to the influential House Appropriations Committee in the current 113th Congress. He has visited over 150 businesses in the district to discuss the needs and concerns of business owners and workers.

This past week, Owens introduced H.R. 815, which would provide a tax credit to small business owners who increase wages for their employees in a given tax year. The legislation would only apply to wages for employees making up to $50,000 per year, ensuring the credit is tied to wage increases for middle income workers.

“While I will continue to travel the district and tour local businesses, I encourage business owners to stay in touch with my office if we can ever be of assistance,” Owens offered in a statement. “I rely on constituents to keep me abreast of the issues their particular industries face, and I stand ready to help in any way that I can.”