Reform group names candidate Ritchie a 'hero of reform'
Wednesday, July 7, 2010 - 11:49 am

A group that says it is dedicated to reform in New York politics has named St. Lawrence County Clerk and state Senate candidate Patty Ritchie a “true hero of reform” for backing nonpartisan reforms aimed at getting state government back on track.

New York Uprising, a grassroots reform movement started by former government leaders from the Republican and Democratic parties, listed Ritchie, a Republican, for backing their reform initiatives “for an honestly balanced state budget, increased transparency and accountability, and fair elections,” Ritchie said.

“New Yorkers know that Albany is broken and they are demanding change,” Ritchie said. “They know that Albany can’t pass a balanced budget, special interests dictate the agenda, and everyday citizens and taxpayers lack a real voice for change.

According to New York Uprising, it is “a non-partisan, independent coalition formed by former [New York City] Mayor Edward I. Koch that advocates for meaningful government reform across New York State. Our mission is to put an end to corruption in Albany and reinstate the public’s faith in government by offering real, honest and sensible solutions that legislators and candidates can implement, adhere to and be held accountable for executing once elected or re-elected to office.”

The group has given the “true hero of reform” designation to 38 candidates, Democrats and Republicans, running for 62 state Senate seats.

The full list of candidates for state and federal office who support the New York Uprising’s agenda can be found at

Ritchie is seeking election to the state Senate’s 48th District, which includes Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties. The seat is now held by Democrat Darrel Aubertine.