Potsdam's VideoRama closing its doors, a victim of a declining industry
Monday, September 20, 2010 - 5:14 pm


POTSDAM – VideoRama, a video store that has spanned the era of videotapes through DVDs to computer digital media, is closing its store at 12 Main St.

“It’s unfortunate that the industry is in such decline,” said Larry Wilson, owner of VideoRama and the Video King chain of stores.

“In light of these industry developments, we decided it is in our interest to close down,” Wilson said.

Those industry developments have reduced the importance of the video storefront. Companies like Netflix and Blockbuster have for years offered mail service for video customers, and they and other companies have added delivery via Internet or smartphone, making the video storefront less necessary.

Jamey Hoose, who owned the store from 2001 to 2009 and who still has a financial stake in it, said the store is closed while employees mark everything, from videos to games to fixtures, for immediate sale.

“Its unfortunate for the Potsdam community, after 16 years, to see the store go away,” Hoose said.

Clarkson University business professor and local entrepreneur Marc Compeau started the store in April 1994. Hoose bought it from him in August 2001. In January 2009, it was purchased by Wilson and the Video King chain.

Hoose said Wilson told him that at its peak, the Video King chain had 30 stores. With the Potsdam store closing, it is down now to four open locations.