Potsdam traffic sign dangerous for drivers
Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 1:05 pm

To the Editor:

I like the fact that the state reconstructed the intersection in front of the fire department to create three lanes in an effort to avoid congestion as cars wait to turn left. However, they need to replace the sign that hangs from the wires.

The sign makes it seem as though you can still go straight or turn left from the left-hand lane. Yes, the state painted the lines on the lanes telling motorists that the left lane is turn only but if you pull up to that light and are three or four cars back you cannot see the lines.

For students returning and for people transitioning through our town they may not know that the intersection has changed.

Since the repositioning of that intersection I have witnessed five separate near-collisions between people who thought they could still go straight from the left lane and people in the middle lane who are continuing straight. The sign is what is confusing and needs to be changed before we have an accident there.

James Hubbard, Potsdam