Potsdam Town Council approves new contract with union highway department employees
Friday, November 10, 2017 - 8:54 am


POTSDAM -- The Town Council approved a new contract with the 12 union members in the highway department represented by Teamsters Local 687.

The contract is for six years, with an opening for renegotiating salaries and health insurance in three years.

The highway employees agreed to paying more themselves for health insurance, $800 for 2017, $1,200 more in 2018, $1,600 in 2019, and $2,000 in 2020.

Workers will get $1 more per hour for 2018, 93¢ more in 2019, and 77¢ more in 2020.

Workers will also get $500 per year to cover the expense of equipment such as boots and eye and hearing protection.

The board approved the figures in the contract prior to approving the 2018 budget for the town.