Potsdam tattoo artist buoyed by audition with SpikeTV’s ‘Ink Master’
Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 11:53 am


Scott Dafoe working on a design in his studio, Beyond Tattoo, at 38 Market St. in Potsdam.

POTSDAM -- Potsdam tattoo artist Scott Dafoe feels he has a good chance to be chosen for the second season of the SpikeTV program “Ink Master.”

“There were some talented people there for sure, but I feel my work stacked up after seeing some of the other artists work,” Dafoe said after his return from the audition in New York City earlier this week.

“The interview went very well. I feel I left a great impression on the agents. I was the only small town guy there and I really think it will be to my advantage. I really stood out down there,” he said.

After seeing an announcement about Ink Master looking for a new batch of artists for the show’s next season, the Norwood native applied, sent some examples of his work, and got an invitation to the Big Apple to see if he has what it takes to compete with other tattooists in challenging situations.

“The woman who interviewed me and looked over my work was very impressed with my portraits, as were several of the other artists there. I was even offered jobs in Philly and NYC. A great experience all together. I feel I grew as an artist during my stay,” he said.

Interest here at home and among online friends was high as Dafoe’s date in New York concluded.

“I’ve had over 300 messages from people wanting to know what’s up. Feel free to post a short article with what I’ve said, so everyone knows where I am at.”

He won’t know if he’s been chosen for a couple of weeks, but he’s optimistic about his chances, upbeat about the experience, and realistic about what TV executives believe is good for them.

“I will know for sure -- a yes or no -- in about two weeks. But they liked what they saw and I have a good feeling about this.

“If they don’t pick me, I know it will not be as a result of my tattoos, but more of a result of what makes good television.”