Potsdam natives promote new device for storing personal medical information
Saturday, September 18, 2010 - 5:27 pm

GLENS FALLS – A trio of Potsdam natives is promoting a new device that you can carry with you that will store personal medical information.

David Dumas, born in Potsdam and now a critical care registered nurse in Glens Falls, is also director of customer service for a new company called FlatFlash Group, LLC, based in Fairfield, Conn. He is working on the promotion of the device, called the HealthFlash Card, with Jennifer Dumas-Wiggin, and Danny Dumas, also originally from Potsdam.

As Dumas explains it, the card is “a USB based storage device that contains our software that enables the user to store, organize and protect their entire health history securely. We not only have our core Teen / Adult version of software but have also recently added a Newborn / Pediatric version as well. Our next steps are to add new modules such as Orthodontics, Dental, and Ophthalmology.”

The information on the card, once you enter it, is divided into an “in case of emergency” section that can be viewed by emergency personnel, and a password-protected section with other information.

They are setting up their customer service center in Glens Falls, and expect it to generate jobs for the area.

More info: www.healthflashcard.com