Potsdam knocked out of PetSafe online 'Bark for Your Park' contest
Friday, August 8, 2014 - 9:07 am

POTSDAM -- The effort by dog park organizers in Potsdam has failed to make it into the list of top money winners in the PetSafe online Bark for Your Park contest.

"We did get 200 toys for dogs" once they qualified for the finals, said organizer Deb Massell.

The judges at PetSafe placed Potsdam into the finals based on voting "for being the best representative for a local shelter" Massell.

Massell said they might try again next year "now that we know what to do."

And the lack of a win will have little effect on the dog park project that is underway next to the Potsdam Animal Shelter on Madrid Avenue.

But, while the prize money of $100,000 for the top winner or $25,000 for a few others would have been nice, "certainly there will be a dog park anyway," Massell said, since the project was started before they even knew there was to be a contest.

But they would be grateful for contributions to supplement the work of volunteers.

People can donate through http://www.potsdamdogpark.com/, their Facebook page, or by mailing contributions to the shelter at 17 Madrid Ave., or stop by.