Potsdam area residents rally to support victims of Hurricane Sandy; tractor-trailer one-third full with donations
Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 5:44 pm

Norwood Volunteer Fire Department donated 50 cases of water for the relief effort.

POTSDAM – Area residents have rallied to support a relief effort for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Rob Bicknell, co-organizer of an effort to fill a tractor-trailer with emergency items, said the truck is already about one-third of the way full.

"We had 15 boxes and piles of stuff that people dropped off overnight," he said. "The turnout has been insane."

Bicknell said Frenchie's Ford donated 30 bags of pet food and 60 cases of water.

"We actually have enough pet food, now we need more food for people," he said. "We are looking for canned foods and stuff that will last," he said.

The drive was started by Cassie Laurence, who approached Bicknell and Randy LaValle for help.

The truck was donated by LaValle Transportation Inc., and is located at Bicknell Appliance and Home Interiors, 46 Market Street.

If no one is there, people can go to back door of the store to seek assistance.

Donations will be delivered to Nazareth Housing Inc. and shipped to other locations in the area that are in need.

Volunteers are welcome to help man the donation truck. Anyone looking to help should contact Laurence at 265-0009 or Bicknell at 265-3900.

Anyone dropping off large donations should call prior to visiting.

Laurence said all generosity is appreciated, but it is important for those donating to stick to the list of items included below.

She said the items have been specifically requested from groups in the area.

"We know people want to give clothes and other items and we appreciate it, but these are the things they really need," she said.

Laurence is hoping the truck will be filled by the end of the week.

Items needed include:

•Construction/Cleaning Supplies

Work gloves

Heavy duty waterproof gloves

Work goggles

N-95 respirator masks

brooms, mops, rakes, shovels


heavy duty garbage bags

spray bottles


duct tape, masking tape

markers, pens


towels / rags





cleaning products

•Light Sources



and things to power them such as batteries

•Things to Keep People Warm


hand warmers/hotties

heavy winter coats


thick socks




bottled water

non-perishable food and quick snacks like granola bars and snack packs

Juice boxes

Canned food

paper and plastic dishes, utensils

•Baby Items

baby food

diapers, wipes, powder, cream etc.

•Sanitary Items

Toilet paper

paper towels

hand sanitizers /wipes

toiletries – deodorants, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

first aid kits