Pierrepont Community Club announces memory tree names
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 6:08 am

PIERREPONT -- The Pierrepont Community Club has accepted the following “In Memory” names with donations for the 2017 Pierrepont Memory Tree:

Michael Zimmer, Robert Church, Gladys Whittaker, Howard Whittaker, Alberta Kramer and William Kramer, by John and Connie Kramer.

The Sullivan Family, O'Gorman Family and Lenney Family by Patsy and Dave Holland.

Park Thomas, Freda Selleck Thomas, Kenneth Thomas, Eileen Thomas Houghton, David Thomas and Diane Thomas Weems by Butch and Sue Thomas.

James and Irene O'Brien, Wallace and Monica Vebber, Floyd and Theresa O'Brien Vebber, Mary Jane Rutledge and George Rutledge, Sr., Fay and Gwen Vebber, Ray and Betty Lobdell Vebber, Clarence and Mavis Vebber Vaughn, and Lee Vebber by Nancy and Jim Rutledge.

Hazel Tupper and Gary Tupper by Ann and John Carberry.

Kenneth and Grace Camp, Charles and Jane McEwen by Robert and Sharon Camp.

Lloyd J. Daniels, Harold and Blanche Daniels, Grace and Judson Randall, Nellie and Albert Matthews, Jennie and Clarence Chase and Howard Daniels by Beverly Daniels.

Henry and Erva McIntosh, Nate Judd, George McIntosh, Scott LaBrake, Glenn Tupper, Sally and Lawrence Tupper, Dot and Donald Ames, Avis Bonno, Charlotte Regan and Betty Lobdell Vebber by John and Kay McIntosh.

Mary Ellen Glasgow by John and Ellen Glasgow.

Gerald and Hazel Tupper, Gary Tupper, Glenn Tupper, Stan and Dorothy Tupper, Arthur and Jessie Tupper, Everett and Mildred Howard, Orin and Ann Taylor, Mary White, Lorna Wagner, Evelyn Guyette, Ronnie Guyette, Marion and Lawrence Lang by Cheryl Guyette.

Nana and Arthur Gardner, Sabria Noble, John and Polly Cass, John and Doris Noble and

Edward Gardner by Shirley Gardner.

Helen and Lyle Latimer, James Latimer, Robert Latimer, Ralph Latimer, Alan Latimer, Dean Latimer, John and Dorothy Powers by Carol and Clifford Streit.