Performance a success despite fire scare at show
Monday, August 6, 2012 - 3:05 pm

To the Editor:

As “show biz” veterans - one of us as a   choreographer (Sharon) and one of us as a former Community Musical Director (Dick), we would like to extend our sincere congratulations to the cast and crews of the recent production of “Beauty and the Beast.” Without doubt, it was one of the finest productions from top to bottom that we have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

The “leads” In the show were tremendous, but accolades also go to the “backstage folks” who made it all possible, especially Director Chad Larabee, and Choreographer Meaghan Manor Janovsky -the absolute magic and speed of those scenes and the quick changes within them were wonders to behold.

But last, and very far from least, there was Amy Flack, Director of the Community Performance Series.  Up and down the ladder of show organization, her imprint was there.

The night we attended, we had a fire alarm, and she was her usual calm self in reassuring all of us (including handling a beehive in one of the lights outside Snell Hall) as we waited to get back into the show.

As next door neighbors to the Hosmer Hall parking lot, we also got a kick out of watching her “Broadway Shuttle” over to Snell Hall via golf cart. For those who parked in the limited Snell lot, there was also an illuminated” Christmas” walkway.

In all, parking lots, scenery, show and all, it was a joyous and wonderful night that many of us will never forget. Just one question for Amy and CPS --what do you do to top this one in 2013?

No fear - we have full confidence. 

Dick and Sharon Hutchinson, Potsdam