People in Stockholm lit memorial bulbs at West Stockholm United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 11:52 am

STOCKHOLM -- The following people lit bulbs at the West Stockholm United Methodist Church in memory of their loved ones:

• Harold and Phyllis Hunter for Silas and Maude Hunter, Ross and Alice Gray, James and Ellen Hunter, Dorothy Rockwell Goodnow, Mabel McKee, baby James Rocky Hunter, Wilson and Ela Phelps, Burt and Nora Howland, Keith Gary and Phyllis Baker, Harold Derushia and Harrison Peck, David Gray and Albert Gray.

• Norma Cyrus for Frank Cyrus, Kenneth and Lena Cyrus, Ralph and Gary Moses and Marge Kulp.

• Stan and Verna Anderson for Bernard and Celeita Greene; John and Grace Anderson; brothers George, Howard and Walter Anderson; brother-in-law Frank Oliver; Ernest and Mabel Cheney; Reuben and Mollie Cheney; Leon and Lena Mearkley; Kenneth and Hilda Armstrong; Donald and Hilda Cheney and Winifred Wright; sister-in-law Janice Anderson.

• Mary LaComb for George and Ida Waite, Lawrence Waite, Virginia Smith, Sid and Iris Rexford, Harold and Rena Davis, Claude and Eileen Bates and Doug and Margaret Decker, Sherman Waite, Robert Waite, Harold LaComb.

• Carolyn Cheney for Harold and Reda Cheney, baby Floyd Leon Cheney, Leon and Cora Cheney and Floyd and Susan Davis.

• Donna and Bob Baker for Eri Baker, Clyde and Ruth Davis and Roger Davis and Doug Arquette.

• Donna Blanchard for Donald Russell, Earl Russell, Vera Russell and Ellen Russell.

• Bob and Bonnie Munson for Everett and Louise Munson and Art and Irene Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Crayford.

• Marilyn Deon for William Lowell, Harold LaComb, Nelson and Etta LaBarge, Jennifer Scheening, Bonnie Babich, George and Ida Waite, Loretta Rodwell, Jessie Lowell and Gerald Deon, Joseph and Pearl LaComb.

• Bob and Moira Rose for Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rose, Mr. and Mrs. William Lee, Parker Rose and Raymond Rose.

• Stephen and Barb Murray for Parker Rose and Daniel Rose.

• Nancy Kingsley for Lawrence and Mildred Phippen, Craig Phippen and Jean Meashaw.

• Sheri Wright for Rupert and Geraldine Moulton, Bill and Susie Wright and Russell Moulton.

• Robert and Carole Moulton for Tommy Moulton, Harold and Mildred Jenkins, Claude and Jean Moulton, Helen and Eugene Scott and Asa and Lilly Moulton.