Orchestra of Northern New York celebrating 25 years; launching campaign to increase endowment
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - 6:14 am

Increasing the orchestra’s endowment fund is the aim of a new partnership between The Orchestra of Northern New York (ONNY) and Northern New York Community Foundation (NNYCF).

The orchestra is celebrating its 25th year of providing first-class symphonic music in the North Country. As part of that commemoration, they are in the midst of a formal campaign to raise funds to increase their endowment to help insure the orchestra’s future.

In a statement, the Community Foundation said that ONNY can work closely with donors to tailor giving to meet specific needs, and provide support for more complex gifts.

“We are thrilled that our endowment will now be managed by the Northern New York Community Foundation. We know we are in the best possible hands,” said ONNY Board President Timothy Savage.

“The Community Foundation has been very supportive of ONNY and we see this as another way to help grow their capacity to fulfill their mission for the next 25 years and beyond,” said Rande S. Richardson, Community Foundation executive director.

Kenneth Andrews, ONNY music director and conductor said, “We have been grateful and impressed with the way that the Community Foundation has helped the arts and culture thrive and continue to grow in the North Country. We feel fortunate to be associated with an organization that represents integrity and genuine interest in our extended community.”

Endowment giving, supporting the campaign, can be done with one-time donations, short or long term pledges, or estate giving, among other options.

To discuss supporting the ONNY endowment campaign, contact Jared Carey, ONNY business manager at 267-3251.