Online fundraiser now open for Potsdam Central playground pavilion that has $75,000 price tag
Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 6:06 am

POTSDAM -- The Potsdam Educational Opportunity Fund Pavilion Project at Lawrence Avenue Elementary School is fundraising to build a pavilion on the playground.

“The primary function and the vision of the Potsdam Educational Opportunity Fund Pavilion Project is to dedicate itself to providing a safe and secure environment for future and present youth activities, while providing a place for community development,” PEOF said in a prepared statement.

The playground will likely be built adjacent to the playground and will provide students a place for outdoor classes and reprieve from weather during recess while also offering families a place to gather.

The pavilion will also include picnic tables.

Several grants have been applied for to help fund construction, but fundraising will be needed to complete the project.

The total cost of $75,000 will cover the cost of site work, building materials, labor, picnic tables and landscaping.

The level of sponsorship are: • $5,000 Legacy Sandstoner; $2,500 PCS Patron; $500-999 Orange & Blue Sponsor; $250-499 Community Partner; and Proud Potsdamer.

Each level includes recognition ranging from having the donors name engraved on the pavilion plaque, newspaper, newsletters, and on social media.

Online donations can be made at Add PEOF Pavilion in the seller box when completing an online donation.