Ogdensburg City School board reviews several general administration division matters at latest meeting
Friday, February 9, 2018 - 9:27 am


OGDENSBURG -- The Board of Education and administration of the Ogdensburg City School District reviewed several general administration division matters at Monday’s meeting.

A second review of the district’s revised policy regarding Response to Intervention (RtI) Process was officially held with no ensuing discussion. RtI is a multi-tiered early prevention and intervention system designed to improve outcomes for all students and particularly relevant to students suspected of having potential learning disabilities.

A review of the policy regarding diploma or credential options for students with disabilities was led by Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Technology Kevin Kendall.

Kendall pointed out that the policy helps provide alternative pathways for students with disabilities to meet graduation requirements and that only minor changes were included in the revised policy.

The board also approved the appointments of Francis Weir (D) and Donna Reagen (R) to the Board of Registration for terms of one year.

The Education Law of New York state states that a Board of Registration shall be appointed by the Board of Education on or before Feb. 15 and that no more than half of the members may belong to the same political party.