Ogdensburg's Curb Appeal Project repaints New York Ave. house at no cost to owners
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 2:32 pm


OGDENSBURG -- Ogdensburg’s Pride and Beautification Commission recently repainted a New York Avenue home at no cost to its owners.

Known as the Curb Appeal project, the commission and volunteers scrapped and painted its first of three homes recently to improve the overall aesthetics of city.

“In April we chose our house, 917 New York Avenue,” Mary Ann Narenkivicius said in a letter to North Country This Week. “We scraped, primed and painted it. All agree it looks wonderful.”

City council agreed too.

At Monday’s meeting, Mayor William Nelson thanked all of the volunteers who contributed to the project. He said the group has completed many successful projects for the betterment of the city since it’s inception.

“Your organization has done worlds of difference over the years,” he said.

He said the commission is a prime example of how a grass roots effort can make a huge difference through volunteerism.

“You are proof that government doesn’t have to be the answer for all problems,” he said.

Members of the commission who attended the meeting said the project has already met its goal to inspire others to take pride in their properties. They reported neighbors near the home had stopped by and complimented the volunteers for their work and questioned about how to apply for the project. They also reported that neighbors planned to spruce up their own properties after seeing what difference it made.

Although the group agreed that the project was a lot of work, they also claimed it was a lot of fun.

The local Salvation Army, Walgreen’s, Kiwanis Club, Key Club, Z Club and several volunteers helped with the workload.

“We are very grateful to Lowes, who donated all of the paint for the project,” Narenkivicius said in her letter. “Walmart helped too by giving us a gift card for some supplies.”

Narenkivicius said people who talked to the volunteers were all very proud to be members of the community.

She said that’s what the project is all about.

For more information on the project contact Narenkivicius at 276-4915.

Commission members include Jane Silver, Mary Michaels, Barb Williams, barb Barlow, Fran Naccarato, Cindy Cole, Steve Hawes, Kathy Rhinebold, Mary Ann Narenkivicius, Ann O’Connor and Char Widrick.