Ogdensburg on record opposing any Ft. Drum downsizing
Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 5:07 pm


OGDENSBURG -- Ogdensburg City Councilors have passed a resolution opposing any U.S. Army reductions at Fort Drum.

Councilors agreed that reductions would hurt housing markets, education and health care.

"Reducing the Fort Drum Army workforce would have a devastating effect on the economy of Northern New York," the resolution passed Monday says. "Reducing the Fort Drum Army workforce would significantly reduce sales, income, employment and population in Northern New York."

The resolution says reducing the Fort Drum Army workforce would lead to a considerable decrease in demand for housing and vacant housing units on Fort Drum. It also says that it would result in a reduction in median home values with impacts on the real estate market and foreclosures.

"This reduction would lead to a loss of revenue and income necessary to maintain existing housing units, could potentially cause a raise in property taxes, and force investors to default on loans."

Councilors also agreed that reducing the Fort Drum Army workforce would hurt financial stability of school districts in the Fort Drum area.

The resolution says cuts would also have consequences to health care and public services for the communities in Northern New York.

"Ogdensburg City Council strongly opposes any reduction in the Fort Drum Army workforce due to its impact on Northern New York.

The resolution was sent to U.S. Army Environmental Command.