Ogdensburg Public Library supporters urge legislators to keep aid for libraries, make symbolic $200 contribution to county budget
Friday, November 16, 2012 - 2:40 pm

OGDENSBURG – The Friends of Ogdensburg Public Library have voted to give St. Lawrence County about $200 as a symbolic contribution to the county budget.

Members say it is a way to persuade county legislators – who are under pressure to cut millions from next year’s budget -- to continue with at least a minimal amount of monetary support for libraries in the county.

Recently, county Administrator Karen St. Hilaire proposed eliminating funding to county libraries next year, from nearly $100,000 this year.

“While we understand your dilemma, we are also deeply concerned about the total elimination of library funds from the 2013 County budget,” said Friends of Ogdensburg Public Library President Maureen Kravec in a letter to county legislators.

“That is why the Friends of Ogdensburg Public Library voted to award a grant of $197.39 to St. Lawrence County in support of our County’s libraries. This represents 10% of the net proceeds from our most recent used book sale.

“We are doing this to help the county and its libraries get through a very tough situation,” Kravec said. “Please commit yourselves to keeping libraries in your budget and restoring library aid as soon as possible.”