Ogdensburg police warn residents to lock vehicles and homes
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 11:34 am

OGDENSBURG -- Following a recent string of vehicle break-ins, Ogdensburg Public Information Officer Danielle Harte is reminding residents to lock their vehicles and homes as summer approaches.

“The number of crimes throughout the city in regards to criminal mischief to property, and vehicle break-ins, as well as burglaries of homes, is always a concern,” she said. “Please protect your homes by securing your windows and doors. Never leave your residential doors unlocked, especially during night hours.”

Harte said Ogdensburg police are noticing a high volume of complaints about vehicles being broken into and property from within their vehicle being stolen.

“Whether it’s during the day, or during night hours, remember to lock your vehicle doors,” she said. Also, never leave any valuables such as money, stereo equipment, merchandise, purses, wallets, etc in your vehicles. Leaving such valuables in your vehicles, whether its daylight or darkness, results in the susceptibility of your vehicle being a target.”

Harte said while crimes cannot be completely prevented, she hopes to reduce the chance that crime will happen to residents by offering the tools and information needed to better protect their home and property.

“Remember this; if you feel that there is suspicious activity or person(s) in your area and it becomes a concern to you, please call your local police department,” she said. “It’s better to report your concerns, so that our police officers can patrol your area before a crime is committed against you or your neighbors, rather than after the crime has already been committed.”

Any questions, concerns, or for more information contact Danielle M. Harte at the Ogdensburg City Police Department at 393-1555.