Ogdensburg police warn of ongoing phone scam in the city and surrounding area
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 5:18 pm

OGDENBSURG -- Ogdensburg Police are warning of an ongoing phone scam in the city and surrounding area.

In a news release issued Tuesday, Public Information Officer Danielle Harte says a female, going by the name of Theresa Johnson, is claiming to be from a bank out of the Vermont area.

She says the woman is claiming that residents win large amounts of cash and that the check for the prize money will be delivered to the victim’s home. However Harte says the woman is asking $300 to the person delivering the check for “insurance” of the prize money.

The number she is calling from is (609) 601-5597 extension# 245, according to Harte.

“If you or a family member receive any similar type of phone calls, please do not give out your address or any other personal identification information, and do not meet these unknown people in any other locations, as this is a scam.” she said.

Harte says any suspicious telephone, email, or mail activity should be verified through local police departments. She said people should not give out personal information such as birthdates, social security numbers, or credit card information.

“Please be cautious when unknown persons ask you to send money orders via postal service as a way to redeem prizes,” she said. “Winning a prize should never require a person to pay for such.”

Any questions regarding scams or information should be directed to local law enforcement agencies.

For more information contact Danielle M. Harte at the Ogdensburg City Police Department at 393-1555.