Ogdensburg moves forward with Paterson St. project, 54 trees to come down before March 31
Friday, March 7, 2014 - 11:30 am

OGDENSBURG – Contractors will soon be cutting down 54 trees on Paterson Street.

The removal is scheduled for completion by March 31, because the trees are considered a nesting ground for the endangered northern long eared bat.

In order to use grant money for the project the trees can only removed between the months of November and March 31.

A release from the city says this is will be first step in an overhaul of the street. The trees to be removed are marked with an orange “X.”

The city agreed to hire Black River Tree Removal at a recent meeting for $10,500, about $2,000 less than the next low bidder, Richard Sears Tree Experts. However, a city council agenda released today proposes a contract with Richard Sears, as Black River has apparently secured a FEMA contract and will not be able to complete the task on deadline.

The city will likely approve a $12,835 contract with Richard Sears Monday.

City Manager John Pinkerton said that while the city cannot contractually direct the company on what to do with the wood, the plan was to place it in a separate portion of the city dump. If that occurs, Pinkerton said the city would be able to sell the lumber.

Pinkerton said new trees would be planted, but noted that they would not be the large maples that are currently there due to potential problems they might pose to power lines in the future.

A plan is also in place to replant trees following the removal, but the new trees will not be maples due to potential problems they might pose to power lines in the future.

Goals of the Paterson Street project include:

• Restoring pavement to good condition and ride-ability using cost effective pavement treatments.

• Separating the storm sewer system from the existing combined storm/sanitary system.

• Addressing geometric deficiencies and traffic signal operations at the Paterson/Ford Streets intersection.

• Improving the streetscape to include better sidewalks and improved drainage and wearing surface.

For more information on the Paterson Street project is available at http://www.ogdensburg.org/index.aspx?NID=314