Ogdensburg man, president of soccer league, says he’s innocent of criminal mischief charge
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 5:48 pm

An Ogdensburg man charged with criminal mischief in Morristown last week is denying the allegation.

Benjamin E. VanDamme, 27, was charged by state police with criminal mischief last Thursday for an incident that allegedly occurred Feb. 23.

“The charges that are held against me are false and misleading,” VanDamme said in a statement today.

“I did not in any way return to my old residence after moving out on February 10th to cause property damage” VanDamme he said.

VanDamme said he hopes after a March 14 Morristown court date that evidence will show that he is not responsible “for what they say occurred. Having no criminal history, I intend to keep it that way,” VanDamme said.

The public statement is not only to get on the public record, “but to protect the questions and concerns relating to the soccer league surrounding these events,” he said.

VanDamme is president of the Northern New York Adult and Youth Soccer League and Academy.

“I can tell you that this case has nothing to do with the soccer league, and the league shouldn't be questioned based off these events,” he said.

The league and academy are in their second year and have started recruitment for their 2013 season.

VanDamme’s statement said there have been “no reports of VanDamme stepping down as President of the league as a result of these allegations.”