Ogdensburg Growth Fund will pay for services provided by city staff
Sunday, May 4, 2014 - 5:49 pm

OGDENSBURG – The Ogdensburg Growth Fund Development Corp. will now reimburse the city for various services rendered by city staff.

Ogdensburg City Council approved the agreement at a Monday meeting. Under the deal, the Growth Fund will reimburse the city for any staff time used to conduct Growth Fund business.

Councilor William Hosmer asked planning director Andrea Smith about how many hours were spent on Growth Fund business per week, but Smith said it was hard to estimate.

She said it amounts to a few hours per week, but is also dependent on ongoing projects and other factors.

City comptroller Philip Cosmo, who also performs tasks for Growth Fund agreed. He said it will take time to before any kind of estimate can be given because there is not history. He said until recently the Growth Fund was associated with the city, so work performed specifically for the Growth Fund was not separated out.

Deputy Mayor Michael Morley asked if the agreement would also cover Department of Public Works duties, such as snow removal at Growth Fund-owned properties.

Smith said that although the Growth Fund had not specifically budgeted for such services, it was possible that they would in the future.

City Manager Jonathan Pinkerton said he believed the reimbursement agreement would allow the city to bill for any services rendered by the city to the Growth Fund.

City council approved the agreement unanimously.