Ogdensburg DPW restricting parking near Paterson and Greene Streets to reduce accidents
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 5:32 pm


OGDENSBURG -- Hoping to reduce the number of accidents at intersection of Greene and Paterson streets, the Department of Public Works will implement parking limits and add new signage.

At a recent meeting City Councilor Jennifer Stevenson expressed concern regarding the intersection, which she says is known to be problematic. Ogdensburg Police Detective Rob Wescott informed council there were four accidents at the intersection in 2016 and two accidents in 2017.

Public Works Director Scott Thornhill said that part of the problems seems to stem from visibility issues related to parked vehicles and possible growth.

Some council members did not believe the signage would be an effective solution to the issue. Some discussion regarding the matter turned to installing a traffic light, but Thornhill said that would require State Department of Transportation approval following a study that determined the traffic rates in the area.

To address the issue in a more timely fashion the DPW is installing “No Stopping Here to Corner” signs in the area.

“We will keep an eye on the effectiveness of these changes and follow established OMC protocol if the zones do not appear to be big enough,” Thornhill said in a public report to city council.