Ogdensburg DPW prioritizes rampant pothole problem on city streets
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 9:18 am


OGDENSBURG – Ogdensburg Deputy Mayor Mike Morley assured Ogdensburg residents that public works crews were working hard to address a rampant pothole problem throughout the city.

At a meeting Monday, Morley said the council and Department of Public Works were aware of the problem and were making patches a priority.

He said the holes appeared fast and the volume of potholes was so high it would take time to get them under control.

“They’ve caused some major problem,” he said.

Mayor William Nelson said the crews have been busy addressing the problem and offered praise to interim DPW Superintendent Gregg Harland for his work.

Councilor Jennifer Stevenson said that while the holes were being patched the weather was certainly not helping the situation.

Harland said he would continue filling holes, but added there was plenty of work before work would be completed.