Ogdensburg Cub Scouts clean up Ford Family Vault
Saturday, June 2, 2012 - 5:01 pm

OGDENSBURG -- Ford Family Vault-Cub Scout Pack 2 recently spruced up the Ford Family Vault on Lincoln Avenue and Lake Street.

The Scouts and their families learned about Samuel Ogden who purchased much of St. Lawrence County, including Ogdensburg, and Nathan Ford, the pioneer and founder of Ogdensburg, as well other local figures.

While there, the Scouts noticed blue sign, (left) had "B.S.A. TR 68" on the top right corner. Notre Dame Church once sponsored Boy Scout Troop 68. If anyone has information about the blue sign possibly being an Eagle project, please call Mary at 393-5432.

In the front row are Brody Cosler, Colin Brabant, Ben Switzer, Kade Krepel, Evan Cosler, and Dominik Given. In the back are Matthew Walker, Matthew Wright, Kainan Conger, Kyle Greenwell, and Boy Scout Fred Given.