Ogdensburg city officials close new section of Maple City Trail due to floods
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 5:20 pm

OGDENSBURG – City officials have closed another section of the Maple City Trail as the Oswegatchie River continues to flood.

The section of the Maple City Trail from the Lake Street Pedestrian Bridge to the Pump House will be closed until further notice as well as the section of the trail that follows the former railroad bed along the river to the Black Bridge.

The city is closing the trail to all traffic in the area along the Oswegatchie River until the area is found safe for use again. These parts of the trail lay low along the river and are found downhill from, and follow along, Crescent and Lake Streets.

Officials ask that no one pass the barriers into these areas as they are a safety concern.

The areas are being monitored by the Ogdensburg Police Department and trespassing tickets will be issued to anyone found in these restricted areas.

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