Ogdensburg City Council appoints members to Complete Streets task force
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 8:59 am


OGDENSBURG – City council made several appointments to the Complete Streets Active Living Task Force Monday following a brief discussion.

Karlyen Manke, Scott Wright, Wayne Miller, Michelle Catlin, Gary Hammond and Kathryn Rhinebold were all appointed the task force.

The board adopted the Complete Streets initiative in February. It requires a review process for all new public and private construction projects with an aim at incorporating improvements to pedestrian and bicycle access.

According to the resolution, all city-owned transportation facilities in the public right-of-way including streets, bridges and all other connecting pathways, will be designed, constructed, operated and maintained so that people of all ages and abilities can travel safely along them.

While it does require a review of projects, it does not force the city to implement modifications proposed by the task force.

The city received a $7,500 grant award from the St. Lawrence County Health Initiative to kick-start the program.

At the Monday meeting, councilor Bill Hosmer requested that city council be given time to review applications of potential appointees, before being asked to vote on them.

City Manager John Pinkerton said that in the future, he would attempt to make that happen.