Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce website search functions not working properly, staff working to resolve problem
Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 5:43 pm

OGDENSBURG -- The Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce is currently experiencing a problem with the search functions on the website.

The issue occurs when someone is searching the membership directory, clicks on a category, clicks apply, and tries to display businesses that fall into the category.

The user will receive a message that “no members are listed under this category,” according to Lori Smithers, chamber president.

Smithers said the chamber is working to resolve the issue.

The website is built on the Drupal platform, which was recently updated. The update disrupted the query function within the site, Smithers said in a letter to chamber members.

Users can still search the members’ category in the search box, according to Smithers.

For more information contact the chamber at 393-3620 or [email protected].