Ogdensburg Braille and large print company plants trees to reduce carbon foot print
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 8:53 am

OGDENSBURG – An Ogdensburg-based Braille and large print company is offsetting their paper usage by planting saplings and encouraging others to join in.

Over the past several months, T-Base Communications has been giving back to the earth with their Planting by the Dozen Program, where for every one tree they consume printing Braille and large print for their customers they plant twelve more trees across North America.

Recently, in an effort to reduce their collective carbon footprint, T-Base launched Tweet-a-Tree; a social media initiative that allowed companies and customers to tweet T-Base and request a tree be planted on their behalf, or on behalf of a company they wished to honor with a tree.

“At T-Base, we produce Braille and large print, as options alongside our accessible online offerings, because it’s essential that our customers provide their blind, low vision, and print disabled customers with choice, and equal access to their information,” President and CEO Dave Longbottom explains. “But we also have a strong commitment to the environment, and we continuously seek new and interactive ways to reduce our collective carbon footprint while providing these services to our customers - the Planting by the Dozen program is one great example of this philosophy in action.”

After the success of their tweet-a-tree video, T-Base employees in New York got involved in the tree planting fun; each employee planted their own sapling and brought it around with them wherever they went. The employees took pictures of all the places and activities they did with their sapling, which have been compiled into a short video entitled “Adventures of a Sapling,” which can be seen at Youtube.com.

The new video is hosted on social media properties, where companies and their customers can watch and share the video on their Facebook and Twitter networks. T-Base will be tracking each share with the hashtag #tbasedoztrees, and compile all of users who interacted and shared the video with their networks.

Each week, T-Base will randomly select 12 people who shared the video, and plant a tree on their behalf. There is no limit to how many times the video can be shared by an individual or company, and the more it is shared, the more trees T-Base will reinvest back into the earth.

The share contest runs from Earth Day until National Tree Day on Sept. 24.