Ogdensburg attorney Breen enters race for City Court judge
Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 11:09 am

Ramona Breen announced her candidacy for City Court judge Friday.

OGDENSBURG – Ogdensburg attorney Ramona Breen has added her name to the list of candidates running for Ogdensburg City Court.

Breen announced her candidacy Friday at City Hall surrounded by supporters.

A graduate of Ogdensburg Free Academy, she lives with her husband and parents in the same Ford Street house she was born in.

After OFA, she received undergraduate degrees at St. Lawrence University and her law degree at Syracuse University College of Law. Returning to Ogdensburg, she joined DuPré and Small, PC, to begin her career in law.

In 1998, she opened her own law practice at 206 Ford St., moving to 623 Ford St. the next year. Over the past 20 years she has specialized real estate, estate practice, and family law.

“I gained invaluable experience not only in the practice of law but in how to deal with and treat people of all ages and from all walks of life with respect and dignity,” Breen said in her announcement speech.

She has represented clients in

St. Lawrence County Supreme Court, estate proceedings and adoption trials in St. Lawrence County Surrogate Court, guardianship proceedings in St. Lawrence County Court and Jefferson County Supreme Court, and many collection matters, summary proceedings, vehicle and traffic and criminal matters in Ogdensburg City Court and numerous justice courts throughout St. Lawrence County. She has successfully argued an appeal before the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, in Albany, and is a member of the Federal Bar. She is also a certified mediator, she said in her speech.

“The broad and extensive nature of my practice over these past 3 decades has given me insight and experience in so many different areas of law and really of life in general,” she said.

“It is no secret that Ogdensburg is replete with problems these days,” she said on the steps of City Hall. “As a lifelong resident it pains me greatly to see this beautiful City being ravaged by drugs and crime and lost youth. Even in the current predicament this City is in at this point and time, I still believe in Ogdensburg. I want to see this City turn around and once again be a safe, friendly place to raise a family, work and run a business.” she said.

She has also served on the City of Ogdenbsurg Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

“When I am elected as your next Ogdensburg City Court Judge I intend to handle each and every case with fairness and individual care and consideration, particularly in sentencing and disposition,” she said.

Judge William Small will retire, as required by state law in, having reached age 70 in January. Two other candidates are in the race.

Former Chief Assistant District Attorney Keith Massey Jr. has 14 years’ legal experience, and has lived in St. Lawrence County for about two years, having worked in private practice and in the county DA’s office.

Ogdensburg attorney Marcia LeMay is seeking the city court judge seat. She has served in the county DA’s office, as chief county public defender, and joined the private practice of Nash & Palm.