OBPA asking school district voters to support transfer of land for airport water line
Friday, May 16, 2014 - 5:56 am

OGDENSBURG -- The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority is asking for the support of school district voters with their plan for improvements at Ogdensburg International Airport.

Proposition 3, authorizing the Ogdensburg City School District to donate a parcel of land on the south side of State Rt. 37 to the OBPA to enable them to deliver city water to the airport, will be on the ballot Tuesday, May 20, along with the schools district’s budget and school board candidates.

“The water will be used to enhance public safety at the airport through the addition of sprinklers and fire protection for the airport at no cost to taxpayers,” according to an OBPA press release. “Having adequate water available will ensure that all safety requirements and responsibilities are met and exceeded as the airport continues to expand.”

OBPA says the airport has a chance to develop into a regional commercial hub, as have many other similar airports around the country.

The press release says that school superintendent Timothy Vernsey and the school board support the land transfer.

Last December, the OBPA announced a $10 million two-year expansion of the airport, to include the extension of the 5,200-foot runway by 1,200 feet, relocation of Rt. 68, terminal upgrades, and the water line.