NY AG looking into propane price, delivery delay complaints in North Country and around the state
Monday, January 8, 2018 - 2:47 pm

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wants to know if North Country customers think they’ve been price-gouged by propane dealers

Following a rash of complaints, he has issued a consumer alert encouraging people in the North Country and around New York state to contact his office if they have experienced excessive delivery delays or potential price gouging related to propane delivery.

"My office is looking into cases of unacceptable delivery delays and potential price gouging," said Schneiderman in a pre-written statement. "Any New Yorker being overcharged or left in the cold without propane should contact my office immediately."

The attorney general is also urging consumers to investigate the options they have for heating their homes during the cold winter months. Fuel oil and propane prices can vary significantly from supplier to supplier. Prices can also fluctuate dramatically throughout the heating season.

Consumers considering entering into fuel oil and propane contracts for the season should make sure they understand all of the terms and conditions in the agreement, including any fees or charges for deliveries, minimum purchase requirements or other conditions, a state,ent from Schneiderman’s office said.

New Yorkers can contact the attorney general at 518-776-2000 or file a complaint online.